Soulwerk Sanctuary
Soulwerk Sanctuary
Roger Sams

Welcome to Soulwerk Sanctuary

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About Me

Hi, I'm Roger.

Since this is my personal postage stamp of paradise on the internet, I'm going to trust that you probably already know me or something drew you here. This is a space for those who are drawn to embodying love and light, have a strong attraction to the arts (primarily music, movement, poetry, and prose) and are committed to growing themselves into their full potential through artful, committed engagement with self and others. In this community we utilize Gestalt-informed exploration of the inner landscape combined with body-based spiritual practice incrementally growing awareness that changes each of us deeply from the inside out. These sacred circles are powerful, tradition non-specific, containers for spiritual transformation. All are welcome. No particular talents are required. All spiritual orientations are embraced.

Why You Should Join Me

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